GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)—Hundreds of buffaloes have drowned in a river in Africa — reportedly after they were chased by a pride of lions.

Here’s what the aftermath of the sad scene looked like.

A local lodge owner told the BBC the herd consisted of about 1,000 buffaloes initially, but 400 drowned when they raced into the Chobe River between Botswana and Namibia.

Reportedly the animals drowned due to the massive movement, trampling and from falling from steep river banks.

That same witness reported hearing lions last Tuesday night, Nov. 6 and three were seen in the area.

The following morning was when he woke up to see the carcasses.

Buffalo river drownings are not uncommon in the region, but the numbers are usually small.

The lodge owner said he had never seen such a large group drown before.

Nearby residents have collected pieces of the buffalo meat and taking it home to eat.