GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)—An act of terrorism — that’s what Australian authorities are calling a knife attack that happened in Melbourne Thursday, Nov. 8.

According to the Guardian, the Islamic State has taken responsibility saying one of its fighters, a Somali man,  carried out the attack.

The man drove a car laden with gas cylinders into the center of Bourke Street in Melbourne.  

The SUV caught fire, then he reportedly stabbed three people.

One of them died.

When police arrived, cell phone video shows the attacker lunging at officers with a knife.

Police shot the attacker and he later died in the hospital.

One witness told local reporters the weapon looked like a kitchen knife.

Another witness said people were running scared because the man was attacking people randomly.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton confirmed the incident was terrorism and added the killer — who arrived in Australia from Somalia in the 1990s — had relatives who were persons of interest to Victoria Police.