GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — Here comes the bride from the Philippines. She had her make-up on, and all dressed — in a paper gown.


Maricel Abaño took the spotlight during a mass wedding ceremony last month in Quezon City for wearing a wedding gown crafted out of papers.


The amazingly detailed and structured dress comes with a hat also made of paper. Colorful paper flowers accent the whole look.


According to GMA News, the resourceful bride made her gown because she could not afford to buy one.


The bride reportedly said it took her three days to finish her gown with the help of her friends.


Maricel’s creativity inspired and reached thousands of social media users with most of them praising her work.


One said, “It’s not about the gown [or] the reception… it’s about you and him and the sacredness of marriage.”


For Global One, in Metro Manila, I’m Kristel Yap.