GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — A flea-born typhus outbreak has struck Los Angeles County and authorities have been urged to implement safety measures to battle the disease.

The health department said as of Oct. 8 there have been 57 cases of the disease across the county.

While only 60 cases expected on an annual basis, typhus cases have reportedly doubled recently.

Typhus is caused by bacteria found in infected fleas carried by several animals including cats, rats and opossums.

If infected, a victim may suffer from a high fever, chills and in rare cases, meningitis and death.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a cleaning drive in homeless encampments.

The program reportedly includes cleaning up streets, offering housing, providing mobile showers, hand sanitizer and flea repellent for street dwellers.

Health officials have already encouraged residents to take precautions to prevent the outbreak by storing trash in cans with secure lids and avoiding debris that may attract disease-carrying animals.