GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — The filing of certificates of candidacy (COC) for Philippines 2019 elections has kicked off and before candidates take the seats, let’s take a closer look on what perks they are entitled to if they get elected—especially the senators.

Former and incumbent senators, as well as independents, are among applicants who filed their COCs that started Thursday, Oct. 11.

As of the third day of filing, there are reportedly 58 senatorial hopefuls that will compete for the 12 seats in the Senate.

ABS-CBN reported there are privileges that come with being a senator including salary, allowances and parliamentary immunities.

According to the Department and Budget Management, elected senators could receive at least a monthly salary of ₱117,000 (nearly $2,170).

They are also entitled to allowances which require them to publish yearly itemized expenditures.

The privilege from arrest and of speech and debate were also listed as senators’ rights under parliamentary immunities.