GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — Ok, so we’ve all watched a show or a movie and once or twice wished we had  — say the cool hat the actor was wearing.

Now, there’s a new digital tech company actually making these items available to viewers.— Hey! That’s my name! — is breaking new ground and literally changing the way we view digital entertainment.

So how does it work? First, download the free app on your mobile phone, tablet or smart TV.

Then you ’ll have access to TV shows, movies and lifestyle videos on demand — kind of like Netflix or Hulu.

But here’s the really cool part — if you see a product in the video that catches your eye— you can buy it right then and there — and not miss a second of your show.

Founded by Alecia Vimala, recently secured the rights to the popular reality show “Bachelor in Paradise” in a deal with Warner Brothers for seasons 1-3.

Happy binge watching!