GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)—A dognapping in progress — all caught on camera.

This one has a happy ending but it didn’t start off that way.

Thieves were spotted stealing this 10-week-old mastiff bulldog named Chipper from his owner’s front yard.

Owner Matt Ivy’s outdoor camera was rolling when two men pulled up in an SUV — one of them walked up to the fence, leaned over and grabbed baby Chipper by the collar.  

One of the other dog’s began to bark to signal a warning.

Reportedly, the men sold the pooch to this mechanic here at this shop in Mesquite, Texas for $300.  

After the brazen theft, Chipper’s owner who’s also a Dallas firefighter, posted on Facebook and the story made headlines.

The mechanic caught wind of it and put two and two together realizing Chipper was the stolen dog!

Chipper was returned home, healthy and exhausted evidently — from all the chaos.

Meanwhile, no word if the two nappers have been nabbed yet or not.