Super-sized mosquitoes are swarming people in North Carolina — and their bites reportedly can feel more like stab wounds.

The outbreak of the massive mosquitos started around Sept 14 following the floodwaters brought by Hurricane Florence.

They’re known as gallinippers and they’re about two or three times the size of an average mosquito.

These skeeters are native to the eastern U.S. but aren’t common.

Now about 25 counties in North Carolina are reporting a severe mosquito outbreak triggered by standing pools of water left over from the storm.

The hefty mosquito can bite through the skin and cause an infection since they’re designed to pierce the hide of their preferred prey of cows and deer.

But gallinippers are unlikely to host diseases harmful to humans.

The fear now is Hurricane Michael will bring tropical storm rains to the region and the epidemic will get worse.

So far, $4 million in relief funds are being used to fight the problem.