GLOBAL ONE (G1) – A mysterious and bizarre theft in Northern California has authorities and residents baffled.

An 800-pound hammer sculpture — vanished.

The massive tool was on display in front of a community center in a town about an hour north of San Francisco and was swiped sometime over the weekend.

The wooden handle is 21-feet-long and the hammerhead is 6-feet-tall.  

It’s made of steel and other heavy materials.

Reportedly, there were skid marks across the parking lot suggesting it was dragged, and then perhaps hoisted onto a truck using a crane or a large group picked it up.  

Authorities at first thought it could be a high school prank, but a check with area schools turned up nothing.

The massive hammer had become a photo opp for folks since it was placed there in May.

It’s reportedly worth about $15,000.

A $1,000 reward has been offered for anyone who can give police the tools to solve the case.