GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— A man was taking a nice morning jog through the countryside in the Netherlands when he came across something very unusual — an abandoned lion cub.

The man found the tiny animal caged and left in a field in the area of Tienhoven outside Utrecht completely alone.

The cub, now named Remy, was examined by a veterinarian before being taken to the Stichting Leeuw (Lion) Foundation in the northern Netherlands.

The veterinarian Peter Klaver told RTL Nieuws the scene was like nothing he had ever experienced before.

The foundation gave an update of the baby lion’s condition on their Facebook page, saying that Remy is healthy and doing well after he was briefly sedated in order to be given his vaccinations and an identification chip.

And if you’re falling in love with him, the cub will be available for adoption now that he has been vaccinated.

However, investigators are still searching for the unknown person who they believe left the estimated five-month-old lion in the meadow.