GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— Malaysia’s current reckless driving penalty is not harsh enough — and now the country is looking at ways to keep truly reckless drivers off of the road.

Even if it means a permanent ban.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said Oct. 8 Malaysia may implement such a ban for reckless drivers who caused fatal accidents.

The country is reportedly considering the move after the deaths of five family members on Oct. 6.

The victims reportedly burned to death after their car was hit by a truck driver with 13 summons against him.

Loke said, “If you cause the death of other people on the road, you should be banned from driving for the rest of your life.”

Under the current law, a driver found guilty of causing death by irresponsible driving will face a three-year driving ban in the first offense and 10 years in the second violation.

The government reportedly anticipates a long process to review the proposal “because it involves amendments to the act.”