Global One (G1)— An investigative journalist known for her anti-corruption reports was found raped and murdered in Bulgaria Oct. 6.

Viktoria Marinova’s body was found in a park in the city of Ruse, just days after interviewing two other anti-corruption journalists on her talk show.

Police in Germany reportedly arrested 21-year-old Severin Krassimirov, a Bulgarian citizen.

Bulgarian officials meanwhile have said the crime was not politically motivated.

The prosecutor general said, “The hypothesis about linking the murder to her work and the topics she covered in her program is not a leading one.”

Others are more skeptical.

A German member of the European Parliament said, “We need to find out quickly whether the murder is connected with Marinova’s research into the misuse of EU funds.”

Bulgaria is reportedly the most corrupt nation in the EU and has a low freedom of press rating.

It also has a low murder rate — just 1.1 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. Last year only five people were murdered in Ruse.