GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— A massive sinkhole in China swallowed up four people –— leaving all of them dead –— including a newlywed couple.

The tragedy occurred Sunday afternoon, Oct. 7 when the 10-meter (32-foot) giant sinkhole opened up along a busy sidewalk in Dazhou, Sichuan province.

Video footage from the scene showed people plunging through the pavement in panic as the hole caved in further.

Local media reported the couple trapped in the pit for hours, died shortly after they were retrieved.

The two other victims believed to have been a father and his son were reportedly trapped some six feet deeper than rescuers’ equipment could extend.

Despite the efforts to save them, rescuers found their lifeless bodies two days later.

Sinkholes are said to form usually when acidic rainwater dissolves limestone or rock beneath the surface.

According to a fire service official, the caved-in area collapsed again during their rescue operation — causing the pit to deepen.

The official added that high-voltage power cables and water pipes made the rescue operation more difficult.