GLOBAL ONE (G1) – Bear down folks, we got a live one here.

This women raged — hurling insults and curse words at a McDonald’s in South Carolina — all over a slight mixup in her order.

She ordered a crispy chicken wrap but got a grilled chicken wrap instead.

Oh boy — wait for it.

The blow-up happened on Oct. 1.

She is seen even walking behind the counter and confronting the young McDonald’s employee who demanded her to leave.

But she ignored him and continued yelling and a couple times even tossed stuff off the counters to the floor telling them to hurry up and fix her order.

Meanwhile, other customers seem frozen in line just waiting for their orders.

Finally, one man tries to get involved.

The video ends with the woman getting in a car with her friend and leaving.

And after all that hoopla, would you believe she didn’t even get her fried chicken wrap.