Global One (G1)— Do you ever look around when you’re stuck in traffic and wish it could all just disappear so you could magically arrive at your destination?

Seems impossible, right?

Well, it’s not magic, but one company thinks their invention could do pretty much that.

Enter Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and their hyperloop, which was unveiled Oct. 7.

The finished product will be able to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco — a six-hour drive — in 36 minutes.

CEO Dirk Ahlborn thinks it will change everything we know about transportation.

Ahlborn said, “We realized it has to be more than a company. It has to be a movement. You have the whole world talking hyperloop.”

The idea was reportedly a brainchild of former Tesla CEO Elon Musk — he coined the term Hyperloop, but said he was too busy to work on the project.

So, how long do we have to wait?

Ahlborn said, “In three years, you and me, we can take a hyperloop.”