GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)—Microsoft may have introduced new Windows 10 monthly charges, but that apparently wasn’t enough to ensure a safe and high-quality update.

The tech company recently had to pull and re-release the new Windows 10 update after reports the update was causing users’ files to disappear after downloading it.

Although the number of reports was relatively small— just 1/100th of one percent of users— the company said it has investigated all of the reports and addressed the issues with the update in order to re-release it.

According to The Verge, the file deletion bug was a result of a feature called Known Folder Redirection being enabled on the affected users’ computers.

The feature was introduced in the latest update to delete any empty or duplicate folders, but apparently, the folders weren’t always empty when deleted.

A Microsoft spokesperson said the re-release comes only now that the company is certain “there is no further impact” on Windows 10 users.