Global One (G1)— Google+ users, if there are any of you left, you may want to find a different social network.

Google announced Oct. 9 it will shutter their social network after disclosing the day before it had left up to 500,000 users vulnerable to a security glitch.

Although it was just revealed, Google reportedly discovered the glitch back in March.

The glitch allowed outside developers to look at users’ private profile data.

Google says there is no evidence any developers noticed the bug or misused the data in any way.

According to CNBC, Google didn’t disclose the breach because they did not want additional regulation or a bad reputation.

Google+ was never a dominant social network, a fact Google admitted in the shutdown announcement.

A Google vice president wrote, “The consumer version of Google+ currently has low usage and engagement: 90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds.”

Users have 10 months to find a new social network — I suggest MySpace.