GLOBAL ONE (G1) – Paying to have sex with a silicone doll.

It’s happening in so-called robot brothels in some parts of the world like Spain.

But the city of Houston, Texas says no way, not here!

The controversy started when Canadian company KinkysDolls announced plans to open its first American “Adult Love Dolls Brothel” in Texas last month.

The Toronto robot brothel allows sex dolls to be rented and tested out before customers decide to buy them.

Houston city officials amended a city ordinance saying the business can sell robots to customers, but absolutely no sexual activity may take place on the premises.

One councilman said Houston is “not Sin City.”

Last year, the first ever robot brothel opened in Barcelona, Spain allowing dolls to be rented for up to $108 an hour for sex.

The dolls even talk and have a memory.

[Robot]: “Sex is one of the most fascinating things in the world.”

Also last year, a Chinese engineer “married” a robot he built himself after reportedly failing to find a real-life girlfriend.