GLOBAL ONE (G1) – Two Dunkin Donuts employees have been fired for dumping a pitcher of water on a homeless man who had fallen asleep at a table.

Take a look.

Jeremy Dufresne reportedly suffers from schizophrenia and reportedly fell asleep inside while his phone was charging so he could call his mom to say goodnight.

While one employee dumps the water, the other is filming and laughing.

The cruel stunt promoted a group of about 20 people to protest outside the Dunkin Donuts in Syracuse, New York recently.

Reportedly, the employee can be heard saying, “How many times I got to tell you to stop sleeping in here.”

[Betty Jo Craven]: “He had no reason to do what he did to my nephew. He’s a very laid back person, he doesn’t bother nobody. He doesn’t speak unless he’s spoken to.”

The franchise owner issued a statement saying the behavior by the employees violated core values as an organization and the employees have been fired.

It also said they’d be contacting Jeremy to apologize.