GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— Authorities have gone to extreme measures to catch a man-eating tiger in India.

They’ve sent in sharpshooters and soldiers. They’ve set up camera traps and elephants. They’ve even used bulldozers,  but no luck.

So what’s their next idea? Well, cologne of course!

India’s forest rangers are planning to use Calvin Klein Obsession cologne to lure in the deadly tigress that they suspect has killed 13 people in the past 6 months.

You see, the cologne contains civetone, a compound originally made from a civet’s scent glands but that is now made synthetically.

And tigers love the stuff.

The 6-year-old elusive wild cat named T-1 lives in a small forest in the middle of India.

She has reportedly dragged away victims by the neck, feeding on their flesh alongside her cubs — most likely due to the limited food supply in the area.

The goal is to capture T-1 and send her to a zoo or refuge center, but if that doesn’t work the Supreme Court ruled she may be killed.