GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— If you’re looking for a cheap sports car, this Lotus Elise might just be for you.

Just brace yourself to deal with the downsides though.

As the previous owner of this bronze beauty learned the hard way  — even the slightest scratch will cause an insurance company to total it.

Philip Kingston told Road and Track that when he damaged his car, the body shop told him it would cost around $19,000 to fix.

Oh and that didn’t include the cost of labor.

The paint job alone nearly sent Kingston into cardiac arrest, who said, “It was shocking. Over $6,000 without labor.”

The insurance company just totaled it out and purchased the 2005 Elise from him for $33,000.

Now, the current owner has it listed on eBay for $24,000.

But, there’s another catch. You will have a salvage title.

Not because of flood damage, but because of that crack on the front bumper.

Ok, if you’re still interested — it’s just a click away on eBay.