GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— After much speculation, an official has stated that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte does not have cancer.

The 73-year-old president recently completed medical testing — including an endoscopy and colonoscopy — when he admitted he may have cancer.

However, acting interior minister Eduardo Ano said at a cabinet meeting on Oct. 8 Duterte confirmed he did not suffer from the disease.

Ano said, “He disclosed to us that the result of the test was negative, the one where they took samples from his intestines.”

Duterte has missed multiple official events over the past week, causing greater public suspicion regarding his health.

Despite rumors, Duterte is keeping quiet about his test results, only sharing that he is certainly cancer free.

The president’s spokesman Harry Roque announced in a news briefing, “The president will abide by the Constitution, but because it is not serious, he will treat his medical condition as confidential.”