GLOBAL ONE (G1) – A man in Michigan is shocked to find out something he walked by every single day for 30 years is worth $100,000.

David Mazurek has been using this rock as a doorstop only to find out it’s a meteorite — the sixth largest meteorite found in Michigan, in fact!

The rock came with a barn he bought in Edmore, Michigan back in 1988.

It was being used as a doorstop for a shed door.

The farmer who sold David the property told him it landed on his property in the 1930’s and was dug out of a crater after hearing a loud boom.

Still, David didn’t think much about it continued to use the rock as a doorstop.

Recently he sent bits of it to geologists for confirmation after hearing reports that people were making money selling small pieces of meteorites.

His 23-pound meteorite is reportedly worth at least $100,000.

Now David says he’s motivated to sell!

Do ya blame him?