GLOBAL ONE (G1) –  People were protesting on the steps of the courthouse after President Trump’s controversial nominee, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Supreme Court last week.

Now he’s been officially sworn in and some argue it’s inflamed the nation’s political and cultural habitat.

Kavanaugh’s appointment was a narrow win, 50-48.  

Republicans are celebrating a victory, while Democrats are voicing disgust.

USA Today reported this decision could impact which party wins control over Congress Nov. 6 and which issues define the White House in 2020’s election.  

Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii said, “The anger is real.”

USA Today reported some Democrats say Kavanaugh’s confirmation could actually help their party gain control of the House by rallying voters who believe Republicans aren’t treating accusations of sexual assault seriously.

Kavanaugh was accused by Christine Blasey Ford of sexual assault when they were both high school students in Maryland — allegations he’s denied.

He’s expected to be on the bench this week.