GLOBAL ONE (G1) – Birds in one small town are flying under the influence — literally!

They’re drunk!

Police in Gilbert, Minnesota are getting complaints from residents about birds slamming into cars and windows.

Evidently, birds like robins and waxwings are feasting on berries that have fermented a little earlier than usual this year due to an early frost.

The sugar in the berries can turn into alcohol as they lose moisture.

The birds’ livers —especially the younger ones — can’t handle it well, so they get tipsy.

National Parks Service ranger Sharon Stiteler says, “Drunk birds are totally a thing,” and recalled a time she picked up a drunk bird and took it home, just to give it a safe place to land for the night. 

[Sharon Stiteler]: “Much like your drunk friend that spends the night on your couch, it threw up and felt better.  Gave it some carbs and water and it did the flight of shame home.”

Police say there’s no need to panic, as the birds usually sober up on their own.