GLOBAL ONE (G1) – Caught on camera — a bouncing ball of mischief.

A cyclist in eastern Australia out for a ride is joined by wild kangaroos — and one of them gets a little too close for comfort.

The kangaroos are spotted on the left.

The cyclists try to cruise around them, but then one lunges backward at the guy holding the camera.

Whoop, there it goes!

The kangaroo lands on the rider’s front tire and then hops off into the road again.

Both the rider and the animal were uninjured.

Earlier this week, another man in Sydney wasn’t so lucky.

While golfing at a resort this 52-year-old man was attacked by a wild kangaroo and sent to the E.R. with cuts to his face and body.

In January of this year, this kangaroo lunged from the high grass and slammed into a female rider knocking her to the ground and injuring her.

While they can look cute, kangaroos are wild animals and good fighters with powerful legs.