GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— Some good and bad news for Amazon’s 350,000 employees.

Looks like your paycheck will be getting a little heftier, but you’re gonna have to say goodbye to some big perks.

After criticism about not paying their employees an adequate amount, particularly from Senator Bernie Sanders, Amazon announced that starting Nov. 1, they will increase their employees’ minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The raise will affect all of Amazon’s U.S.-based employees.

The company said in a press release this will be appealing to people who want an “immediacy of cash.”

An impressed Bernie Sanders tweeted that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made a very important decision to increase the wages and urges others to follow his lead.

But, with the wage increase, Amazon is eliminating monthly bonuses and stock options.

Many of the company’s employees are unhappy about the change for fear of losing money, but Amazon ensures its employees will see an increase in pay.