GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— The iPhone is the hottest phone on the market now — and thieves know that just as well as you and me.

Recently, thieves have hit a slew of California Apple stores, stealing over $1 million worth of the hottest products.

Police reported last week 17 individuals behind the coordinated robbery scheme have been arrested.

According to authorities, the thieves went into Apple stores across 19 counties in California and stole many display products “in a matter of seconds.”

Reportedly, seven adults were sent behind bars on Sept. 25 and other suspects have been issued arrest warrants.

Apple’s retail stores have been robbery targets over the past few years.

The most recent case took place last weekend during the iPhone XS launch in a store in Santa Clara that was robbed twice in just 12 hours.

The list goes on — Two months ago, six stores were reportedly robbed at least nine times in California.

The company has since refused to comment on the issue.