GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)—Fan BingBing — one of China’s highest-paid actresses — is up against the law: she’s accused of tax evasion, and she’s being forced to pay hundreds of millions of yuan.

If she doesn’t pay up,  the “X-Men” star will face criminal charges.

The actress reportedly must pay nearly 900 million yuan (more than $130 million) in fines and taxes.

She’s reportedly been part of a government investigation into celebrities’ contract earnings.

On Wednesday, Oct 3, she posted an apology on social media saying, “I’ve been suffering unprecedented pain recently. I’m so ashamed of what I’ve done. Here, I sincerely apologize to everyone.”

She then wrote she accepts the penalties and will comply with the order to pay.

Fan disappeared in July after news surfaced she was being investigated for tax fraud.

According to the BBC, her whereabouts are unknown but reports say she has been held in secret detention and her agent has been detained by the police for further investigation.