GLOBAL ONE (G1) – Free at last — a weak and struggling humpback whale stuck on Argentina’s coast has been rescued and released back to the wild.

But it was absolutely no easy feat.

It took crews 28 hours and a lot of manpower and machinery to nudge the seven-ton whale back into the Atlantic ocean.

The whale swam to shore Saturday, Sept. 29 in the resort town of Mar del Tuyu, about 200 miles from Buenos Aires.

Volunteers first used a mechanical lift to try and dislodge the whale and push it back to sea — that failed.

It took a tugboat and a harness wrapped around the mammal to finally do the trick.

This man gave the team a two thumbs up as the whale was swimming away.

A similar incident happened back in April with this six-ton humpback whale on the coast of Argentina.

Despite around the clock work to free the animal, in that case it died.