GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)—The death toll from an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia has soared to over 1,200, and officials warn with two communities yet to be counted — that number is likely to climb.

A 7.5 earthquake struck the city of Palu at dusk on Sept. 28 and spawned a tsunami that reportedly poured out waves as high as 20 feet in some areas.

ABC reported that among the dead were 34 children who were attending a Christian bible camp.

Meanwhile, nearly all of the 1,234 confirmed dead hail from Palu, which has a population of more than 300,000.

There are reportedly several large coastal towns still cut off by damaged roads and downed communications lines.

It’s left many residents angry and frustrated as emergency personnel have been unable to reach them due to impassable roads.

Many are resorting to looting stores and siphoning gas.

One woman said through translation, “We are in a crisis.”