GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— A Chinese destroyer came dangerously close to the USS Decatur on Sept. 30.

U.S. Pacific fleet deputy spokesman Capt. Charlie Brown said, “At approximately 0830 local time on Sept. 30, a PRC Luyang destroyer approached USS Decatur in an unsafe and unprofessional maneuver in the vicinity of Gaven Reef in the South China Sea.”

The American ship was on a “freedom of navigation” sail-by and was being escorted by the Chinese destroyer.

However, according to Brown, the “destroyer conducted a series of increasingly aggressive maneuvers.”

China disputed the claims saying the U.S. entered the waters arbitrarily and was warned to leave.

China’s ministry defense network released a statement reading “…The U.S. has repeatedly sent warships to enter the waters adjacent to the south island reef in China, seriously threatening China’s sovereignty and security.”

The country continued by saying that the actions undermine the countries’ relationships and put the regional peace and stability in serious danger.

The incident adds to the already bitter trade dispute between the two countries.