GLOBAL ONE (G1) – Oh boy, — we got a live one here!

[Judy Cochran]: “I said don’t mess with Nana!”

Judy Cochran is a great-grandmother nicknamed Nana.

She’s also the mayor of Livingston, Texas — and she just added alligator hunter to her resume.

Here she is posing with this 12-foot, 580-pound gator she killed with a shotgun.

[Judy Cochran]: “One shot in the head and he went under.”

Judy says she had a reason for singling out this gator — three years ago one of her miniature horses went missing and she believes this guy ate him.

Everything she did is legal in her county.

Gator hunting season lasts for 20 days in September — and as long as a gator is baited and hooked — which she did using a raccoon carcass — it’s legal to kill one.

Judy plans to eat the meat, use its skin for boots and mount its head in her office.

One animal right’s group compared the hunt to shooting fish in a barrel.

For Global One, I’m Juliette Vara.