GLOBAL ONE (G1) – Gucci’s new $380 swimsuit has made quite a splash.

It’s so popular, it’s sold out online already.

But there’s one teeny weenie problem with this swimsuit that has a lot of people confused — you can’t wear it in a swimming pool.

Gucci’s website says, “Due to the nature of this particular fabric, this swimsuit should not come into contact with chlorine.”

People are chiming in on social media.

One comment reads: “I swear Gucci is baiting the world. 290 pounds ($380) for a SWIMSUIT that literally says in the product details that you can’t even wear it to swim in.”

Another user wrote: “WHAT???? Don’t swim in your swimsuit…”

The reason is because the pricey swimsuit is reportedly made of 80% nylon, 20% elastane — fabrics apparently better suited for a non-chlorinated environment.

So online fashionistas suggest wearing the suit with skirts, denim, maybe a leather jacket for sass.

For Global One, I’m Juliette Vara.