GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— Drug smugglers in Spain recently took their criminal creativity to a — shall we say — fruity level, when police confiscated 67 kilos (148 lbs) of cocaine stuffed in fresh pineapples.

The reported street value of the drugs seized was around $306,000.

Man, you wanna talk about thinking outside of the box. These drug dealers hollowed out the fruit skin, then neatly placed compact cocaine cylinders inside and then covered them with yellow wax —  all to make it look like a pineapple.

Spanish police, however, weren’t fooled and according to MSN, seven people in Madrid and Barcelona were arrested.

The drugs were reportedly seized at  Madrid’s main wholesale fruit and vegetable market where police said the wax was used to mask “odors of the chemical products.”

There were reportedly 800-1000 grams of cocaine stuffed into each pineapple with officers smashing open each one to get a closer look.