The call of the wild.

Here’s a scene, alright.

A gang of female lions launch a full-blown attack on one male lion at West Midlands Safari Park in England.

The footage shows the lionesses sinking their teeth into his back and tearing his fur.

As he tries to escape, he sinks into the water at times.

The lion was roaring trying to get away, but couldn’t break free from the pack.

Safari workers used a fire extinguisher to break up the attack, saving the lion for further abuse.

He walked away with bloody bite marks.

There are different theories as to what went down here and why.

One theory — the female lions were trying to kill the male because he was too old to run the pride.

But the photographer who captured this video says the girls pounced after a dispute over food.

She also said two other males nearby, stepped back and didn’t get involved.

For Global 1, I’m Juliette Vara.