A well-executed McDonald’s prank had some unexpected results when two Filipinos decided to bring a little diversity to their favorite fast-food restaurant.

It all began in mid-July, when Jevh Maravilla and his pal, Christian Toledo, hung up a fake advertising poster of themselves at the McDonalds in Pearland, Texas.

Maravilla had grown tired of not seeing anybody who looked like he did plastered on the walls at the place he visited often. So, he took advantage of a blank space on a wall and put up a poster of him and his friend.

The one-month preparation started by taking pictures, purchasing a poster, and even buying a McDonald’s uniform in a thrift shop for $7.

Surprisingly, two months later, the fake ad is still there.

The friends posted pics of their prank on Twitter and the post has now reached a million likes and nearly 250,000 shares.

However, it’s become more than just a prank, as the 21-year-old told CNN it’s more about embracing different ethnicities.