United News International (UNI) – Stripped. Harassed. Violated.

That’s how some women are reportedly describing their security pat downs at airports.

Tamieka Lovell told the Washington Post that in 2016 after returning from a trip to Jamaica, Customs and Border Patrol officers at JFK Airport took her into a secure room, squeezed her breasts and forcibly probed her groin area.

The newspaper reports her case is one of at least 11 since 2011 being investigated by the Center for Public Integrity.

According to The Post, four other women allege they were handcuffed and transported to hospitals where they underwent invasive pelvic exams, x-rays and one woman says she was intravenously drugged.

The government has reportedly settled some of these cases outside of court for $1.2 million.  

One claim lost in a jury trial.

CBP has said searches are part of its efforts to stop illegal drugs from entering the country.

A spokesperson says there is “training in place to ensure officers and agents treat travelers and those in custody with professionalism and courtesy.”