UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A toddler in Indonesia has caught the world’s attention but — I tell you this — it’s not for adorable reasons.

Rapi is just two years old and he probably smokes more than you do.

Rapi and his parents live at Sukabumi Province and have recently made headlines when a video of the boy circulated online.

For a month now, Rapi has been smoking 40 cigarettes per day. He drinks a mochaccino in between puffs and throws a fit when he can’t smoke.

The nasty habit started after he picked up a cigarette butt off the floor to imitate smokers around him.

Now, Rapi no longer wants milk before bedtime. He wants a cigarette.

Photos and videos of Rapi smoking are still online and have alarmed many.

His parents said they will send Rapi for rehabilitation.