United News International (UNI) – Just when you thought the viral dance craze the ‘Kiki Challenge’ couldn’t make any more headlines.

It did.

This time, an accused murderer — one of the FBI’s ‘Ten Most Wanted’ fugitives — used his extradition as an opportunity to dance to Drake’s “In My Feelings”

Antwan Mims, who’s accused of double murder, had just landed with a police escort when he stopped to smile, mime a driving car, and danced for a local news crew.

Mims was arrested July 31 and is accused of murdering two men during a house party in Michigan.

Mims allegedly shot them to the floor, then shot them again, one in the face, the other in the back of the head execution style.

He was being flown from Georgia to Michigan last week as part of his extradition when he broke out in dance moves.

Detectives believe Mims, who goes by the nickname ‘Tank,’ is an assassin for the notorious Gangster Disciples gang.