United News International (UNI)- Just like the mummy juice, people have found a new ancient relic they want to ingest — a 3,200-year-old cheese.

The cheese is the oldest ever discovered and was found in an ancient tomb of Ptahmes, a high-ranking Egyptian official in the 13th century B.C.

It was buried alongside Ptahmes in a pottery jar and contained traces of a bacteria known to cause brucellosis, a disease contracted from consuming unpasteurized dairy products.

The tomb was originally uncovered in 1885, but shifting sands in the Sahara buried it again until it was rediscovered in 2010.

People have taken to Twitter to voice their desires to eat the cheese with one user saying, “we already opened the cursed sarcophagus, may as well eat the cheese too.”

However a professor at the University of Vermont and cheese historian, has said the cheese would have a  real acidic bite.