United News International(UNI) – The death toll in India has risen to at least 370 people killed in what’s being reported as the worst floods in a century.

The region of Kerala has been devastated by non-stop rain since Aug. 8 triggering mud and landslides

Roughly 220,000 people have been rescued — like this child who was pulled to safety by a helicopter.

Reportedly, more than 750,000 people have been displaced from their homes and the threat now is disease spreading to those finding refuge in makeshift relief camps.

Disaster management officials have quarantined three people with chickenpox and say they’re preparing to manage a possible outbreak of waterborne and airborne diseases.

People are wading in dirty water and some are managing without food and drinking water.

Volunteers have also found carcasses of dead animals like cows and dogs.

Water levels are starting to lower as the rain began to slowly taper off Sunday.