UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL – She serves students cappuccino at her coffee house.

Now 28-year-old  Bangladeshi Faria Mahjabin finds herself possibly serving jail time.

The owner of Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus in Dhaka, a popular hangout for young people, was arrested on Thursday, Aug. 16 and charged with, you guessed it, spreading rumors on social media.

It’s become the charge of choice for police in Dhaka lately.

Since protests began after students were mowed down by a speeding bus and killed, nearly 100 people have been arrested. Many have been charged with breaking the controversial Information and Communication Technology Act (ICT).

The owner of the coffee shop did not have an attorney present during her court appearance on Friday.

Meanwhile, many of those arrested have had their bail requests denied multiple times.

The government’s crackdown on protesters has many running scared.

One protest organizer told AFP, “Everyone is in a panic. Almost all of the students who have led the protests have gone into hiding.”