UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL — If you’ve ever taken a dip in the ocean, chances are you’ve taken a peek over your shoulders — just to make sure Jaws wasn’t somewhere lurking nearby.

For one Maryland woman, it wasn’t a shark that took a bite out of her — but a gigantic eel.

Kristen Porter told KHON-TV she was lounging on a floatie — enjoying the pristine waters of Kuhio Beach in Waikiki, Hawaii.

The next thing she knew something sharp pierced her foot causing a jolting pain.

[Porter]: “I was completely surprised when all of a sudden something attacked my foot.”

When Porter lifted up her foot  blood oozed out “all over the place.”

The 51-year-old’s son and two strangers helped pull her to safety.

Porter told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that the bite “hurt like hell.”

A lifeguard meanwhile informed her that an eel was the culprit.

Porter posted a picture of a similar eel on Facebook writing, “If this doesn’t give me nightmares.”