United News International (UNI) – The crew list for the first commercial flights to space has been announced.

On August 3, NASA announced the nine crew members who will fly sometimes in 2019 on the first private flights to the International Space Station (ISS).

All nine — seven men and two women — have served in the military, and seven are making return trips to space.

Not only will these astronauts-to-be fly on the first commercial space flight, but it will be the first spaceship to launch from the U.S. since 2011.

That was the year NASA ended the shuttle program — since then, Russia’s space program has brought American astronauts to the ISS.

In 2014, NASA chose SpaceX and Boeing to develop a new generation of spaceships for the U.S.

Nicole Mann, slated to fly for Boeing, said, “It’s absolutely the opportunity of a lifetime.”

SpaceX’s Victor Glover said, “This is the stuff of dreams.”

The flights are scheduled to launch in mid-2019.