UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL — Thousands of young people in Bangladesh have demanded reform to the country’s road laws.

Angered by the deaths of two students run over and killed by a bus driven by Jabale Noor, the students have demanded justice and change.

Now, it seems the government may be listening.

Local news reported the government announced on Aug. 6 plans to train 136,000 drivers for both heavy and light vehicles by 2023.

One of the students’ major complaints dealt with the lack of qualified drivers — many of whom were underage.

During their protests, the students took it on themselves to check for driver’s licenses and proper registration — something they complained officials wouldn’t do.

The project reportedly begins this year.

Meanwhile, of the nearly 3.6 million registered vehicles in Bangladesh, only 1.8 million people reportedly possess a valid license.

Additionally, the number of cars not registered is approximately 1.5 million.