United News International (UNI)- Police in Sanford, Florida were trying to catch a woman who stole a car and tried to flee when they encountered a unique group of helpers — a herd of cows.

Jennifer Kaufman and two other suspects were involved in a carjacking when they crashed the stolen vehicle into a ditch.

Kaufman and one of the passengers bailed out of the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot when the herd of cows spotted her and began to chase her.

Aerial footage captured by officers in a helicopter shows Kaufman running through the pasture as 17 cows herd her towards the fence where police were waiting to arrest her.

A Sanford police dog captured the other suspect that fled while the third stayed behind at the scene of the crash.

The three were arrested, and Kaufman is being held on a $4,500 bond and charged drug possession, resisting arrest, trespassing and petit theft.