UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The international community has condemned the violence against protests calling for safer roads in Bangladesh.

Ambassadors from eight European countries said on August 7 “disproportionate violence” against protesters and journalists in Dhaka need to stop.

The diplomats also urged authorities to investigate alleged abuses and bring perpetrators to justice.

Human rights groups also denounced the violence.

Meanwhile, UNICEF in Bangladesh said on August 5, “UN agencies are increasingly concerned for the safety of children and young people” caught up in the chaos.

It added, “Students and young people have a legitimate right to speak out on issues of concern to them.”

The death of two students killed by a speeding bus on July 29 triggered young people to go to the streets and speak their minds.

But as rallies went on for over a week, protesters were dispersed in force with hundreds allegedly beaten by police and pro-government activists.