UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL — A California Corgi named Jojo has found a new way to enjoy life, one wave at a time.

The adorable pooch has become a social media sensation for his impressive surfing skills.

Four years ago, Jojo was attacked by two dogs on his way to the park with his owners Josephine and Ryan Hearn.

The near-fatal attack left both physical and mental scars on poor Jojo, so the Hearns decided to try hydrotherapy with Jojo.

Eventually, the pup regained his strength and became more mobile.

The owners document the Corgi’s surfing fun to his devoted Instagram followers using a GoPro.

Eight-year-old Jojo has won several surf dog competitions, with his next competition being in September.

When he’s not catching a wave, the Corgi is a therapy dog for the military, Scripps Memorial Hospital, as well as rehab facilities, and elder homes.

Surf’s up, Jojo!