UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL — It’s a new twist on an old con — spam emails blackmailing the person for money or else they will share their info publicly.

In the scheme dubbed the “sextortion scam,” scammers claim they’ve hacked the person’s webcam and have pictures of the person visiting porn sites.

What’s new to this scam is they are using people’s old passwords against them in the subject line of the email in a way to convince people they are legit.

The scammer then demands the victim to deposit money into their Bitcoin account — a cryptocurrency that is hard for law enforcement to track.

So far, more than 150 people have fallen victim to the scam, coughing up nearly $250,000 in Bitcoin for fear of being exposed.

However, the scammers haven’t hacked anything — the passwords just come from databases of old hacks.

Evidence of the scam began popping up in July.

If this happens to you, simply change your passwords and delete the email.